Thursday, March 24, 2011

A day at the zoo....

He is asking her what the skid marks are on his movie screen.

It was a day of skirts and boots...Oh yea...for sure.A lovely fall day it twas...all the big bootied gals donned their boots and went a walkin' thru the zoo.

And yet another skirt-boot zooscooter.

Always bring your brightly wrapped gifts to the zoo. You never know whose birthday it might be..

Now this gal, I just couldn't get enuf of....she was doodied up like she was going to a bar. Not a club. A beerjoint bar. My hubbie liked her though, he got lots of photos of her for me while I wrangled the kiddies.

Old Lizard breath getting some good luck sugar from the laughing budda.

Some more Memphis memorabilia

When Unsure as of what to do with old bric a brac and old toilets and what have you, just build them into a retaining wall. Why didn't I think of that??

An old dog statue goes great here.

Here we have an old Celtic tub of some sort. I would love to have that myself.

Here is the long view from my minivan window...The wall is impressively long.

Here is a toilet water tank and a caddy grill, down at the end is this really cool motif of an "earth mamma". I think I will have to go back and retake that one.

Need to recycle your old bowling balls? My grand daughter mistook them for cannon balls. Silly girl.

Two toilet bowls and 5 bowling balllllllls. (I've got the 12 days of crimmus song in my head for some reason).

One spoked hubcap

And a double sink next to a red water hydrant.........

Monday, March 21, 2011

She Crab Soup.....Much meaner than He Crab soup.

and she gets a shelf all to herself..cuz she's so mean.