Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not Exactly in Memphis but............

Thought ya'll might like them anyway......I was wandering around an incredible Antique and Collectibles place in Louisville, Ky one day while waiting for my husband to finish up at his convention, and I found these remnants from a carnival down in the basement of this huge old place.
It was supercreepy and awesum. Lots of dark corners and architectural arches and the whole single lightbulb hanging from a wire thing.........wooooooooooooooo

This guy was inside a fortune tellers cage and I had to stick my hand in to get the photo...that totally creeped (crept) me out. I just knew something was gonna grab me.

I found this unlikely fellow in a corner by the wall of the big steel pans and torture gadgets down in the cellar, standing amongst clamp-ish implements of pain and long spikey farm equipment that this city girl has no use for.

and here we have the monster of ceremonies.........Sivad. Or at least what's left of him. Step right up and try your luck.....

Now here is a reasonable facsimile of my exhusband. Just kidding. Sort of.
He is just sitting down there in Hot Springs, Ark at the alligator farm, just waiting for somebody to love him again. His ex-girlfriend, Ariel, ran off with the circus and left him high and dry..........snicker snicker......

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